Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello my fellow Neighborhood Narratives compadres. This past Saturday was my birthday and I received a lot of great gifts, but my favorite present was this bag you see to your left. It was from my boyfriend Felipe. Now with that background information, I will proceed to tell you what is inside.

Most importantly, I have my wallet with me everyday. It's a teal leather wallet with 3 peacocks on the front in an array of colors. Most of my most essential items are in there, i.e. RU id, license, copy card for the library, change, money, etc. I also must ALWAYS have my lipgloss bag. It consists of one lip exfoliator, one chapstick, 2 lipsticks, and 9 MAC lipglosses. Those are my favorites right now. If I forget my lipgloss bag, then it is guaranteed that I will return to my apartment to retreive it. The other regulars in my bag include my blue fine tooth comb to always keep my hair on point, my house keys with about 10 different trinkets so I can always find them easily, my car keys, cocoa butter or aloe vera lotion, water, some type of gum, gloves because it is entirely too cold, my SideKick and water. Oh! I almost forgot. My beloved IPOD. I don't know if I could survive an entire day without these things. Each of them sybolizes something different about me. This has been fun. Talk to you all later.

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